Clinicoecon Outcomes Res. 2017

Author: Zanasi A, Morcaldi L, Cazzato S, Mazzolini M, Lecchi M, Morselli-Labate AM, Mastroroberto M, Dal Negro RW.




Children's cough is a daily concern for most pediatricians. The management of both acute and chronic cough requires a systematic and comprehensive approach. Despite the approved protocols for management, the pediatric assessment of cough and the corresponding prescribing attitude frequently do not fit these protocols, which can be affected by parental suggestions - sometimes substantially.

Multidiscip Respir Med. 2016

Authors: Dal Negro Roberto W., Mazzolini Massimiliano, Turco Paola, Zanasi Alessandro



Cough is one of the most common discomforts affecting general population, which can disrupt subjects' quality of life due to its physical, social, and psychological effects. Aim of the study was to investigate the impact of cough and related beliefs of general population.

Chest. 2016
Author: Saibene, Zanasi, Lanata, Sorbo, de Blasio.
PURPOSE: Cough is one of the most common symptoms of respiratory tract infections and it is a frequent problem encountered in general practice leading to a medical consultation. The annual prevalence of cough in the general population is reported as 10- 33%. Although acute cough which is usually associated with respiratory viral infection is not a problem to manage, chronic cough is frequently a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge as it does not respond to usual treatments. There are many studies that show the use of NSAIDs for the treatment of cough.Moreover cough often requires treatment with antitussives as it could have a great impact on quality of adults’ life.

Multidiscip Respir Med. 2016

Authors: Zanasi Alessandro, Lanata Luigi, Saibene Federico, Fontana Giovanni, Dicpinigaitis Peter V., Venier Valentina, De Blasio Francesco




Acute cough is one of the most frequent symptoms prompting a visit to a health care provider, usually following a viral upper respiratory tract infection (URTI). The disproportionate use of antibiotics in children with URTIs, recently highlighted in the medical literature, could lead to associated side effects, without any beneficial effect. Although an early, albeit inappropriate, antibiotic prescription increases parental satisfaction, URTIs are predominantly viral infections and are generally self-limiting. Therefore the aim of this study was to analyze the effectiveness of antibiotics compared to symptomatic drugs (central and peripheral antitussives) on URTI-related cough in a pediatric population.

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